Today's events become tomorrows legacy. Take the initiative and properly preserve your family, organization and  corporate events.

Professional courtesy and respect for the integrity of your event is always our guiding principle.

Television Production 
Skagit Transit contracted TV21 and Family History Videos to produce a video for the 20th anniversary of their bus system to raise awareness and increase ridership.

Duplication and Movie Transfers

Home movie 8mm, S8mm,16mm, VHS and digital movies can be converted into any format for editing, DVD or internet postings.
Duplication of photos, slides, videos and documents to CD and DVD projects are done in house for quality control and security.

Documentary Film Production

We have been privileged to develop and produce several notable documentary films. Do you have an idea for a documentary? Let us collaborate with you to tell the story. 


Honor your loved ones for family, friends and yourself. The production process of a remembrance video can be a personally rewarding and healing process with timeless value and benefits.

National Archives Veterans Project

Preserve your family military history in the United States National Archives, so future generations may hear directly from veterans and better understand the personal realities of war and the times they lived in. 


The loading of the Washington Ferry “Kennicot” onto the submersible dry dock “Faithful Servant” represents the culmination of years of effort and an expansion of services to accommodate larger and more diverse ship designs.

Personal Life Story Legacy

Our mission is to honor our elders  by capturing their stories to teach our children and future generations. Through direct contact, they will develop  a clearer understanding, appreciation and compassion for their heritage.

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Preserving the past and present for future generations

Family History Videos